Pinzas de la grua

Since Acerec was founded in 1986, the company has not stopped growing and it has always followed a clearly defined path: to achieve the most complete service possible for its clients in the cast iron sector.

We understand a service to be complete in 3 dimensions:

1. One, based on the development of solid and flexible commercial relations with our clients that follow the philosophy of always offering the best possible service in every way: involvement and commitment, fast response, fast delivery, etc.

2. Secondly, to offer our clients the most global solution possible to their material needs, and for this purpose we have been continually expanding our range of products and solutions.

3. And lastly, but by no means less importantly, to carry out our activity from a sense of integrity towards our clients and towards our environment.

3 challenges to which we have responded with definite commitment...

commitment to service, conmmitment to a full range, commitment to quality and the environment